Financial: ATMs for banknotes

The Ministry of Finance is considering an agreement with one of the European companies to get a number of ATMs with which citizens can obtain currencies for paper currencies (Fakkah machines), for example to exchange the banknotes of different categories with metal blocks. decipher.

A statement from the ministry said Tuesday that the operation of one of the machines supplied by the company will be tested free of charge before the contract to verify the usefulness of the use and will be made available in the main stations of the metro in a short period of time. Cairo, to help the citizens where they can get what they need It is worth mentioning that these machines are expected to circulate in most metro stations in the future after confirming the success of the experiment and the benefit of the citizens already.

The declaration pointed out that the Ministry, in order to facilitate the citizens and to solve the problems of Fakkah, also considers the issue of a new currency in the two pound category, to facilitate more citizens and comparable to the coins of the same category which are offered by some Arab and European countries to lighten the citizens, finances represented in the currency exchange will be able to place larger quantities of relief coins from different categories in the coming years to be able to offer them on the market.

Abdul Raouf Al-Ahmadi, head of the Department of Currency Exchange, concluded that the department is preparing large quantities of Fakkah for the holiday of Eid Al-Adha, during which the trade movement witnessed a noticeable recovery in the buying and selling movement .

The head of the currency exchange, said that during the current fiscal year the introduction of larger quantities of coins introduced last year thanks to the increased production of the Ministry of currency in a large amount in execution of the work plan by Dr. Mohammed Meait Minister of Finance.

He said that during the past fiscal year all categories of the currency were traded, including 51 million coins of the pound category, 26 million 50 piastres or 91,000 25 piastres, according to the plan and according to the needs of the market.

In turn, Major General Hossam Khadr, head of the General Treasury Department, said that the Authority allowed many public entities to assist in the categories of the pound (50 piasters, 25 piastres) and that the total monthly fakah is about 7 million pounds. , Liquidity in markets.

Khadr added that the Ministry of Finance spends 250,000 coins per day on the subway, which amounts to 40% of the total market value. The governors receive 30% of the shares and 17% of the Egyptian postal authority. Large private companies such as Carrefour and Metro Market offer 13% of these coins to the public via the public finances of the Treasury.

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