Governor of Sohag conducts an inspection campaign in the streets and squares of East District in preparation for Eid al-Adha 2018

On Monday, Dr. Ayman visited Abdel Moneim, governor of Sohag, east and west of Sohag, Akhmim and Nasser City to follow the final preparations for the local Eid Al Adha units. Sohag Street, Assiut Sohag Street, Culture Square, Tahrir Street, West Corniche and Medical City, Upper Nile Bridge, the entrance to the city of Akhmeem and the Khalwa area.

The governor entrusted the local units in coordination with the police and the Sohag traffic department to intensify the traffic campaigns and prevent car, trolley and tuk-tuk cars from violating the traffic and the empty garbage containers on street and take legal action against offenders. The local days of the party.

Abdul Moneim Ali, the officer of the local unit of the eastern district, stopped the work in one of the buildings being built for the Shaimaa high school for girls after the resurrection by making tons of cement, iron, sand and asphalt and the equipment used in the construction process.

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