Governor of the new lake that inspects the city of Damanhour

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Major General Hisham Amna, the new governor of the lake, made a campaign on foot in the city of Damanhour to get acquainted with the capital of the province, to inspect its streets and fields, and to ensure the cleanliness of the streets and the lifting of works and collections of buildings.

The governor of the lake inspected the Shubra, the Abu Alraish area, the Khalaf area, the drinking water company, the oil factory, the health insurance street, the Dulan Falaqah branch and the Salah al-Din district, where he cleaned and drainage lines inspected on the Corniche for the Sharia faculty and the law and drilling activities of the gas company. He listened to their complaints and promised to work to solve them.

The head of the city Damanhour requested coordination with the railway to remove the abandoned building on the railway at the Duck Island, to remove the offending kiosk on the street of the Sharia Faculty and Law, and the solid waste through the center and remove the city and form a specialized commission in this respect.

During the tour of the governor of the lake, he discovered the existence of a tricycle in the river of the road and instructed the accompanying traffic cops to take legal action against the offense.
Maj. Gene. Amna confirmed that he will organize surprising excursions in the cities and centers of the province to identify themselves at the level of service to citizens.

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