He was detained for four days in Alexandria to kill him because he resisted the intimidation of his wife

4 days in Alexandria to kill someone because of his objection to intimidation of Bzahtha Kingdom News, on the seventh day we quote four days in prison in Alexandria to kill a person who objects to intimidation Bzahtha, 4 days unemployed in Alexandria to kill someone to object to Bzahtha's intimidation we are publishing you our new News today through our site The Kingdom of the news and start with the news of the most prominent, imprisoned for 4 days in Alexandria to kill a person to object to face intimidation Bzohth.

Kingdom of Bahrain

Al-Dekheila's lawyer decided to put him in prison for the murder of a person who objected to harassing his wife on the beach of Abu Yusuf in Alexandria, after a verbal quarrel developed into a quarrel.

Major General Mohamed El-Sherif, Assistant Minister, Director of Alexandria Security, received a notification from the Dekheila Police Director and the Najda Police in the presence of an argument and died in the Abu Yusuf District.

The transfer and investigation revealed an argument between the "first party" of 40 years of discussion with suspected fracture of skull bones and skin wounds throughout the body, and died and a second party, "and 39 years without work.

This is due to the second opposite, the woman of the first while standing on the beach, an oral argument between them had become a quarrel and the second in which the first knocking with a knife was in possession of an injury that affected his life. demanded and supported the incident, saw a vision.

The officers of the Department's Investigation Unit were able to seize the accused and the instrument used. The corpse was kept in the mortuary room at the Mabraat al-Asafra West Hospital and the Criminal Investigation Department was instructed to investigate the incident and minutes 9960 / 2018 to be released.

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