Home | provinces The governor of the lake oversees the demands of the citizens during a surprise trip in Damanhour

Today, Major General Hisham Amna, governor of the lake, held an unexpected campaign in the city of Damanhour to follow the complaints and needs of the citizens on the spot.

The governor continued the work of the development of the city of Damanhour and listened to the demands and complaints of citizens who praised his sudden field visits to the centers and cities of the province and also provided intensive care to a patient with the brain and nerves and the treatment costs.

The governor confirmed that he would hold surprising campaigns in the cities and centers of the province to identify themselves at the level of the services to the citizens, during a tour through a number of citizens and a dialogue with them and listened to their needs, which the need was to intensify the efforts of cleanliness in the city of Damanhour. Health to citizens.

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