Increase of 18 tons of waste in a clean cleaning campaign in Sohag to receive Eid al-Adha

Dr. Ayman Abdel-Moneim … Governor of Sohag has collected 18 tons of waste and solid waste during a campaign to clean up the area of ​​Al-Kawthar, in the context of keeping the Eid Al-Adha blessed and improving the cleanliness and offering the best service and creating a civilized appearance of the citizens, All accumulations, solid waste and dust from different roads and areas in the centers, cities, neighborhoods and villages of the province.

Ahmed Al-Shattouri, head of the local unit of the Al-Kawthar district, said that the local unit carried out a clean cleaning campaign that lasted two consecutive days, which resulted in the lifting of 18 tons of waste and waste in the Al-Thawra Street area to the tour club and the trees area and the maintenance of lighting shafts. In collaboration with the sanitary facilities of the district, with the participation of the cleaners and the use of the equipment and the landfill in the neighborhood when removing waste. Follow-up and intensification of the campaigns are carried out periodically.

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