Increase the passport offices at Hurghada Airport to reduce passenger pressure

An official source at the Ministry of Civil Aviation said that the Egyptian Minister of Aviation, General Younis Al-Masri, issued guidelines and guidelines on the need to increase the passport offices in the arrival and departure halls of all Hurghada International Airport buildings to the huge congestion and air pollution that the airport showed in the current period. Wednesday.

The source added in remarks to the "Constitution" that the officials of Hurghada International Airport will increase in the coming days, according to the instructions and instructions of the minister, the enormous air and passenger pressure and the lack of congestion and congestion inside and outside hiding the halls, which can lead to a negative mental image About the civil aviation system in Egypt.

The source pointed out that there is coordination with the security and executive authorities in the Red Sea government to increase security and security protection, pointing to the preparations for Hurghada International Airport to start the winter season in the next two years. months begins.

On the second day of Eid al-Adha, Al-Gharqdeh International Airport was inspected by the Egyptian Minister of Civil Aviation, Mr. Younis Al-Masri, to monitor the movement of passengers and passengers and the service to the delegations of passengers and passengers and to check security and insurance procedures at the airport. Director of Airport Holding Company and received by Major General Sadiq Al-Shawi, director of Hurghada International Airport.

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