Injured person accused of stealing car's in coercion in a gunfight with police in Khanka

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The city of Khanka was the scene of a chase between the police and three unemployed people who formed a gang to steal cars forcibly. The pursuit resulted in the injury of one of the accused and the arrest of two others. The accused was transferred to the hospital under guard and the Prosecution took over the investigation.

Major-General Reda Tablia, Qalioubiya's security director, received a notice from Colonel Abdullah Jalal, head of the Criminal Investigation Branch, that he received a letter from Nabil Salah Eddin, 72, an engineer in the pension who was subject to forced theft and theft of his car.

A research team was formed under the leadership of Maj. Gen. Alaa Farooq, director of Criminal Investigation. A security team was escorted from the same route as the defendants. When the perpetrators saw the police, they opened the fire. The shooting led to the injury of one of the accused, Ahmed. M, 29, was shot behind with two gunshot wounds. P. 25 and Mohammed. P> 23 years old, unemployed and in possession of patterns and ammunition.

Opposite them, they recognized the formation of a gang that specializes in carft theft of forced cars.

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