Installation of Interlock tiles in Luxor Corniche

Engineer Asaad Mustafa, director general of the Roads and Transport Directorate and the project manager in the Luxor government, said that the Interlock tiles were installed for the Luxor temple on the Corniche Nile Road, about 300 meters long. The work was carried out in the last sector of the pavement. That witnesses the Luxor province in preparation for the new tourist season.

The project worker in Luxor said that the old tile had been swapped because of its decayed appearance, where it has not changed for ten years, noting that the Interlock tiles carry the pressure and high loads and the strong resistance to corrosion.

Mustafa added that the Interlock was installed in many narrow side streets, avenues and branches in Luxor city, under the instructions of the governor of Luxor Mohamed Badr, to eliminate the unpaved roads and the resulting environmental pollution due to the inability of the enormous equipment for paving access to the streets and areas not Maximum width is maximum 2 or 3 meters.

Scary. Asaad Mustafa said that according to the investment plan for the fiscal year 2017 2018, the tiles of the Interlock tiles were implemented in a number of side streets, lanes and branches in Luxor city, adding that the installation works the Al-Sayes street with its branches include, Al-Jannayah Street, Al-Jameina Street, Al-Kheba Street, Al-Jazarin neighborhood in the center of the city, Al-Karnak and Abu Al-Joud districts. El Along with many other side streets of the city.

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