Investigation of a registrar who burned a dead driver because of a violent relationship with his wife in Bulaq

The case of Boulak al-Dakrour was investigated by a dangerous registrar who, after discovering his wife's relationship with him, set a tuk-tuk driver on fire. The prosecutor asked the security services to investigate the incident and approve the funeral of the victim.

The Prosecutor's debate revealed that the body was charred, cuffed, and feet in the apartment.

The first was when Major General Mustafa Shehata, Deputy Interior Minister for the Security of Giza, received notification that the Bulaq El Dakrour police station received a report on the explosion of smoke from one of the apartments and the transfer of civil protection forces to to tackle the fire.

Investigation by Colonel Mohammad Al-Shazly, Inspector of Studies in the West Giza Area, revealed that the victim was a driver of Tok Tok and the apartment found on the body of a dangerous registrar and that he was behind the crime when he his wife's connection with him discovered and an unlawful relationship broke out between them and when he reached his identity, he decided to get rid of him.

Investigations added that the defendant dragged the victim to his apartment in the Zinin area of ​​Boulaq Dakrour under the pretext of taking drugs while he was in the apartment under his mouth, fined him and put gasoline on his body poured and fired alive until he devoured his body and life.

A force led by Ayman Skouri and Ahmed Mandour, co-investigator of Bulaq al-Dakrour, succeeded in arresting the suspect, who acknowledged the crime after discovering the sexual relationship between his wife and the driver.

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