Isolation of Egyptian need on suspicion of contamination with "Corona"

The authorities of Cairo International Airport, on Friday evening, the isolation of an Egyptian passenger on suspicion of infection with the virus, "Corona", after arriving from Saudi Arabia after the pilgrimage, was transferred to the hospital fever Abbasiyah, to medical examinations necessary.

This was during the completion of the arrival procedures for the passengers of EgyptAir aircraft originating from Jeddah in the season hall for Hajj and Umrah flights at the airport, where the quarantine doctor needs an Egyptian called "Iman.S", 58 years old, from Cairo, for the emergence of symptoms of the virus from cough and high body heat and congestion.

Dr. Hazem Hussein, the quarantine director, was immediately informed of the incident and decided to isolate the pregnant woman in the Abasiya fever hospital and to carry out the necessary tests to ensure she was free of the virus.

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