Marioutia, Dakahlia and Minya .. when cats kill their children

"Cats do not eat their children", like an Egyptian sung by the audience to emphasize that the mother, regardless of how big anger is to the maximum of his bills, will not warn her to hurt the youth, between her arms is safety, a wall of resistance to the pain of life, and if they deny anything and impossibility to prevent, Kat eat her children? "The answer is of course" no. "But the impossible happened, the people killed their children.

In less than two months, three tragic stories surfaced over the media about the bodies of children who appear and begin the mystery of searching for their murderers. "The end of the research line ends with surprise, the murderer of the mother and sometimes the father, each is masterful about ending the lives of their children who have not yet gone their own way.

The banks of one of the canals in the province of Minya were the last witnesses to the collapse of instinct and corruption of the claims, after the death of her two children in the channel in the province of Minya after a dispute with her husband.

Chapter 1: Children of charred bodies of Mariouteya on the road

The details of the day go back to July 10, when the mother decided to go to a nightclub with her friend and leave her three young children at home, to come back and surprise their bodies in charred ways.

The mother came to complete the tragedy, for fear of accountability, when she and her friend decided to put them in black bags and throw them on the road of Mariouteya, according to the policy of "no one is afraid of me" as if it were life of three children would not suffer.

After the days of investigation and try to stand by the security authorities on the killer of the three children, and the media room filled all the scenarios, but one scenario did not rise and did not come to someone, that were the fingers of their mother but this was the truth.

It was later known by the investigating authorities that the mother of the three children was called Manal and that they had been raped by three different parents. She and her friend were found at the scene of their death after they were burned in their hometown while the mother and her friend were in a nightclub.

The second part .. In Dakahlia, everyone surprises and admits everyone

Ryan and Mohammed instead of flirting like the rest of the children at the age of the first day of Eid al-Adha, the bodies of both were sunk in a channel, after being discovered by the people there ..

After finding them, the father quickly confessed to the murder of a policeman at the Met Salsil police station, claiming he was mentally ill and had committed bad deeds in his life. He did not want to stay with his children in the future and said:

The third chapter .. Minya

In another channel, Minia Governorate Two children were found in the channel of the sea Yusufi Isabet Sheikh Issa from the village of Saft al-Khemar in Minya, today, and it turned out that the mother was the one who committed the crime because of differences with her husband .

The tragedy ended with the death of a child while the second child was saved.

Al-Shaimaa, 24 years old, gave birth to Mohammed, 5 and Hani, 6 months old, in the channel of the Al-Yusefi River in front of Sheikh Issa's estate in the village of Saft al-Khimar.

Psychological analysis

Dr. Jamal Farwiz, the psychiatrist, analyzed these facts and initially referred them to, among other things, cultural collapse, moral and religious values, family relations, the lack of appreciation of the meaning of the word father or mother and the spread of drugs.

And warned for series that encourage and encourage violence, and other scenes that influence the behavior of some.

He confirmed that the last incident of the woman who gave birth to her children in the Mariouteya channel is that she must undergo extensive psychological examination and testing of abilities and intelligence.

The father who murdered his children in Damietta described him as a quorum who wanted to launder the police, described him as a sovereign skeptic and that he was antisocial and negative and had no feelings.

He pointed out that the sick history of the mother of the children of Mariouteya indicates that she is her children from 5 pm & # 39; noon to 5 pm & # 39; in the morning, left them with food and that they created three different marriages between the legal and the like.

He described the psychiatrist or children of Mariouteya because a psychotic figure also enjoyed indifference, and the absence of feelings, pointing out that she was not crying for her children, but she bagged them and threw them.

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