Massacre in the middle of tight procedures. Thousands take part in the last night through «olive and Drenka»

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On Wednesday, the Coptic Church celebrated the ascension of the body of the Virgin Mary to heaven by performing various services in the various churches after 15 days of fasting to bring her immaculate body to heaven, according to the Christian faith. Umm al-Nour »of great value in the hearts of Egyptians in general and the Copts in particular, a large number of Copts to slaughter their vows every year on August 22 and the distribution of meat to the poor.

On Tuesday evening thousands celebrated the day of the Virgin Mary in her church in Zeitoun, where the apparition of the Virgin Mary was seen in the sixties of the last century during the reign of the late president Gamal Abdel Nasser.After a month of repetition, Pope gave Cyril VI then issued a statement confirming the event around the world.

This year's celebrations witnessed prayers, prayers, and visitors from all over the country, who would like to go to the Virgin Mary while the church witnessed extensive security restrictions to prevent the entry of anyone who has nothing to do with partying in the middle of the crowds. Coptic security people asked to show their crosses to make sure they were Christians Or through the national identity card, in the absence of a cross tattoo, and after going through a security gate, preceded by a long street surrounded by a security ring and legal obstacles, the members of the exploration team within the church to organize things and to tackle the overpopulation to prevent crises.

"Every year in Zaytoun I lived in the Church of Mary because it is my shepherd and our benefactor, and the days of fasting in August are the most beautiful days of the year for us," said John Wajdi, John Emad stressed that he and his family every year like to visit the feasts of the Virgin Mary. Shepherd in the Coptic Church.

Maryam Shukri added that she was not from the Zaytoun area, but she promised the Virgin Mary to attend her church, which witnessed her most important and famous appearance, to keep her vows every year.

In the Church of the Virgin in Mestred hundreds of Copts celebrated the impeccable day of Mary, where this church is one of the most famous sights of the Holy Family's journey to Egypt and the source of the Virgin Mary, and despite witnessing this 10 days before a suicide attempt to blow himself up at the church, without having forced him to withdraw and had to blow himself up at the top of the bridge. The young women were delighted to visit the archaeological cave and the nearby well.

In Assiut, Bishop Younis, Archbishop of Assiut of the Coptic Orthodox Church, presided over the evening of Tuesday, on the eve of the feast of the Virgin Mary, in Deir Drenka in Assiut, in the presence of thousands of children of the Orthodox Church.

On the occasion of the Feast of the Blessed Virgin Mary Yusef al-Desouki visited the monastery of the Virgin Mary in Drenka last Monday. The number of visitors to the monastery of the Virgin Mary reached about 3 million visitors last year.

In Minya, pastor Musa Girgis, patron saint of the Church of the Virgin Mary, despite the fasting of the Virgin Mary on Wednesday, said the mass of the feast, but was alert to the fast not to eat after Mass and to continue fasting, It is justified that when the Eid comes on a Wednesday or a Friday, it is not permissible to break it, because it is days of fasting throughout the year, and it breaks the next day.

The Church of the Virgin Mary, St. Joaquim and St. Hanna in the village of Damares in Menia organized a blood donation campaign on the occasion of the Feast of the Blessed Virgin Mary, in love with the deceased bishop Arsanyos, bishop of Minya and Abu Bakrassas and sister Tassone Verena who served the poor in Ibrachia.

Reverend Gabriel Mahab, the sponsor of the church that organizes the blood donation campaign, said that the name of Bishop Arsanyos and Tassoni Verena was chosen to honor and carry them to the disease and the pain of thanks and true joy.

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