Mawdash has an argument. Meteor warns officials of the floods before the fall of 20 days. Is the listener?

"The meteorological authority is an information body and not an executive or regulatory authority." This was the response from Dr. Ahmed Abdel-Al, the head of the meteorological authority, to a question about "the echo of the land" about those who could not cope with the floods that affected most of the country during the spring season.

Many of the crises caused by flooding during the last season,
Egypt witnessed a wave of torrential rains a few months ago, which flooded many streets and houses
Cars & # 39; s and stop the traffic of roads between the provinces and power outages and the destruction of a number of facilities
And private property.

In anticipation of the autumn season, awaiting the rain
Heavy rainfall, the Meteorological Authority issued a statement from the end of the summer and the beginning
Autumn, expected to start on Saturday 22 September.

A statement from Dr. Ahmed Abdel-Aal, head of the meteorological authority
Air: "The expectation is that autumn on September 22 will begin in Egypt and a period of
3 months ".

The head of the meteorological authority in his statement that autumn
Is considered one of the most beautiful chapters of the year on Egypt, but sometimes it is permeated by situations of instability
In the case of weather conditions, if some of the resulting distributive distributions are produced and produced
Some violent weather phenomena.

He warned of the fall of the floods and said: "Under the phenomena
The air that causes the instability of the weather in Egypt, the proliferation of rain clouds and rain
Accompanied by a heavy rainfall on the north coast of the country, especially Alexandria, and sometimes the floods hit the provinces of Upper Egypt and the Red Sea mountain ranges
And Sinai, because of their geographical nature. "

He also called on the Chief Meteorological Officer, officials to take all necessary measures
To cope with the floods before the fall of 20 full days, saying: «Call on the general authority for meteorology
Air, the governors and officials of these provinces, take all measures and preparations
Necessary to confront this phenomenon in order to guarantee and preserve the safety of the lives of citizens and businesses
On the road network and to secure the traffic of tourism and regular traffic in all provinces ».

And the issue of this warning by the meteorological authority before the season
A flood of 20 days is enough to take all necessary measures to protect lives and installations
From the risks of flooding, it is a reference to every argument invoked by an official in the government of Egypt to explain the default
In light of this phenomenon. Is the listener?

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