Minister of Awqaf praises the achievements of the imams of the ministry participating in the Hajj mission

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Minister of Awqaf, Dr Mohammad Mokhtar Jumaa, praised the performance of the imams of the ministry participating in the pilgrim mission for their efforts to raise awareness among pilgrims and to encourage them to pray to Egypt while in the Holy Land. perform the pilgrimage.

The Minister of Awqaf said in a letter to Sheikh Sabri Yassin, head of the mission of religious gifts to raise the consciousness of pilgrims, his sincere thanks to all imams who participate in the Hajj mission for their efforts to sensitize the pilgrims and urged them to devote more effort and effort to the pilgrims and All their religious affairs and urged them to pray with goodness to Egypt and its people.

The Minister of Awqaf also praised the honorable achievements of the members of the mission and its president, making them valued and praised by everyone, in particular the consultant Omar Marwan, head of the Egyptian Hajj mission, who wishes them all the best in the carrying out their duties and the honorable representation of our dear Egypt, wherever they come.

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