«Mobile and security cameras & witnesses» … 3 evidence to prove the charges against the killer of his two Dakahlia children

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"I wanted to rid them of the pressures of life and to kill them so that I would guarantee them access to paradise," said a few words from the accused Mahmoud Nazmi Mohammed al-Sayyid, known as a journalist for the "murderer of his sons, Ryan and Mohammed. " Yes, he said during his confession to the prosecutor, In the form of a short video, in which the accused admits very strongly, which was refused by the detectives, who declared that when he received the confession of the father he cried hysterically.

In the course of time there are many scenarios surrounding this thorny problem, scenario's that fly into cyberspace, and I got a lot of questions: "How does a father kill his children in cold blood?" But the security sources said that the father's account of the kidnapping was uncoordinated from the beginning, He was told that he was the actor, his confessions about the arms trade and his relationship with that woman came to spread the efforts of the investigation team in the direction of those discussions in an attempt to expose the mystery of kidnapping and murder of the two children.

On August 21, Major General Mohammed Hajji, director of Dakahlia Security, received a notice from Major General Muhammad Sharbash, director of Criminal Investigation, declaring that he had kidnapped two children, Rayyan and Mohammed, while they were with him. In the first days of Eid al-Adha.

The father of the two children confirmed in the minutes of their disappearance that he was surprised by someone who stopped him and claimed that he was a classmate in primary school and still spoke to him. They saw the two children with another woman.

When the investigation began, the woman who was found in a known place at the time of the crime was arrested. The team had the trade in antiques, suspicious relations and differences of opinion with two of them, and the confession of the father became a new mystery. in the incident about the real reasons for killing the two children.

The Attorney General, Nabil Ahmad Sadiq, issued an order to refer the accused Mahmoud Nazmi Mohamed El Sayed, who had killed his children for the urgent criminal proceedings, by referring to his ongoing imprisonment. The prosecutor accused the suspect of premeditated murder of his sons, just as accused of drug use.

In addition to the confession of the accused, there was more evidence of the crime: cameras from guarding along the route of the accused city of Mitt Silesil to the city of Faraskur showed the location of the crime and were sometimes consistent with the date of the crime. incident.Some witnesses also decided to see the accused together with his two sons. Sporadic places are all in the way from Met Salsil to Faraskur.

As well as the findings of the investigation into the monitoring of phone calls by the suspect, via his mobile phone, which indicated the presence of the geographical scope of the city of Faraskur, as the report confirmed the anatomical, the death of the children as a result of «sinksia -drowning".

Research by the Public Prosecution Service showed that this was not true and that the accused had stated that his sons had disappeared. The accused confessed to the murder of his two sons by taking them and throwing them over the Nile from the top of the Faraskur bridge. And the use of narcotics », to get rid of the disadvantages of life, and can be a disgrace because of misconduct and waste of wealth, so the idea of ​​killing them ten days before the incident, burning in to the opportunity to be to carry out crime.

The Chemical Laboratory report from the Forensic Medicine Department confirmed that the accused had used the drugs of cannabis and tramadol and the defendant was also referred to a court hearing an urgent hearing to the correctional court.

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