MP Hamami fit: I will introduce legislation to criminalize the writing or participation of "Facebook" publications

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MP Elhami Agina called for the closure of Facebook and called it "the disease of the time".

In a telephone interview with the Independent program, media reporter Said Hassassin said on Sunday that the reported cut or theft of organs from the slaughtered child was not at all correct.

The security services of the Dakahlia security directorate recently found the body of a child in the Al-Jamaliya district, north of the province, slaughtered in mysterious circumstances. "Major General Mohammed Haji, director of Dakahlia Security, Brigadier General Mohammad Sharbash, immediately led investigations by the Directorate.

Ajina unveiled his intention to submit a project to criminalize writing or participating in a publication on "Facebook" as the lie, especially if it does rumors, even if the publication of a page was shared, to all rumors to end, adding: «the new technology About Egypt, and supports legislation to stop this speech».

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