"Munkh did not and did not accept it" .. The secret of a sentence signed the murderer's knife offering of his wife in Qalyub

"Munkh did not and did not accept it" .. The secret of a sentence signed the murderer's knife offering of his wife in Qalyub

12:29 PM Friday, August 24, 2018

Kaliobeya – Osama Alaa Eddin:

Investigation into the murder of a housewife in the village of Mitt Nama in Qalib, during the victim's slaughter by her husband, revealed a surprise. The man admitted that she was the reason for her death after a dispute broke out between the flesh of the sacrifice and the white weapon that he used to slaughter the sacrifice.

The first was when the security services in Qalyubiya got a message about the death of a housewife while her husband slaughtered the victim, claiming that her blood had slipped and fell on the knife that was used to slaughter the victim and was immediately killed.

The security services moved to the scene of the incident and asked her husband, Bilal, 23, that the victim's blood was the cause of the accident, and that his wife was angry when she touched her feet and put on a knife. the ground slipped.

The accused used his brother's wives to give a testimony in his favor, and confirmed the same story of the accused, but the brother of the victim confirmed that his sister killed her husband by saying: "Mnach Bbehabha does not accept this. . "

The statements of the accused and the testimonies of his brothers' spouses did not mislead the detectives and the judicial organs were moved. It was proven that the victim had been murdered by an act and that the crime was criminal.

Opposite the accused, he collapsed in tears for the detectives. He admitted his crime and pointed out that his wife always aroused his anger and did not listen to his speech and always attributed it to everyone.

He added that on the day of the incident and during the slaughter of the sacrifice, a new argument between us broke out and there was an exchange of words between us. The devil laughed in my mind, and I was surprised by the blood scenes and I stuck her with the knife of the sacrifice. In her neck she fell soaked in her blood.

Major General Reza Tabbila, director of Al-Qalubiya Security, received a message from the Nile Hospital in Shibra Al-Kheima for the death of "Azza M", 27 years old, in the village of Mitt Nama Bakloub after a stab wound in the neck.

Major General Alaa Farouk, the director of the investigation, found that according to her husband Bilal, 35 years old, the victim said she was preparing tea for her husband during the slaughter of the udhiyah, and that she had her feet in the ceramic floor allowed to slide because of the blood of the sacrifice. She was killed immediately.

The prosecutor ordered the investigation into the incident and the body was offered to the forensic physician to determine the cause of death. Forensic medicine discovered that a criminal death was the result of a slaughter in the neck.

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