My success in my life or death mission

Dr. Alaa Abdel-Halim Marzouq, governor of Qalioubia, said that President Al-Sisi is a great leader and a sponsor for the sons of the nation and the martyrs and their families. He presented a beautiful humanitarian model for the children of martyrs and their families.

This happened during a ceremony organized by the Directorate of Education in Qalioubia under the auspices of Dr. Tarek Shawki, Minister of Education and Technology, supervised by Taha Ajlan, secretary of the Ministry of Education in the province.

He called the governor to take some time to mourn the lives of Egyptian heroes and martyrs of the sturdy sons of the Egyptian armed forces and the Egyptian police.

He added that "Abdul Halim" that Qalyubiya celebrates its national holiday coincided with the celebration of honoring early high school and general certificates and technical degrees, and this day must remind the owners of the honor of the sons of the army of Egypt and his great police.

He continued: "We are people of farmers and know that Mnafsh celebrates the celebration only the honor of the martyrs, and the leader of the President Sisi congratulations to the children of the martyrs and their families, without these martyrs for the security of Egypt and his people. "

The celebration took place in the theater of the Banha Cultural Palace, in the presence of members of the House of Representatives and executive and popular leaders.

He added that Egypt has a wealth of respectable talents that are worthy of encouragement, and we will fight them with ignorance, terrorism and extremist ideas, based on the beautiful Middle Islam in Egypt. We are all one people, there is no sectarian struggle in Egypt and young people are promising in all areas. Ryan is deputy governor as a model for a promising youth coach.

He said, "Abdel Halim," he was pleased with statistics revealing the scientific superiority of the province, and emphasized that behind the superiority of children as families of battles.

He said that the province of Qalyubia is old and one of the three provinces representing Greater Cairo, and I am not satisfied with the level of many things in the government, so the library is open to complaints to the citizen without an intermediary, "and if Mnach has the responsibility and his staff can not carry out his work, he will leave him. " All Egyptians loved Egypt, its facilities and its name, built your country with pride and demanded that the citizens of Qalioubiya help him with his work, which he regards as a life or death mission.

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