«National human rights» publishes a book entitled «four years of collaboration»

The National Council for Human Rights has published a book entitled "Four years of working together … Statement of Account" 2013-2017, including the experience of the Council during the four years, the efforts it has made. delivered, the difficulties it faces, the results and the vision for the future of human rights. In Egypt, especially that this period is actually an important period in the history of Egypt, it is faced with increased violence and the escalation of terrorist operations and the activity of terrorist organizations in Sinai.

The book puts human rights under pressure, which requires a balance between confrontational violence, terrorism and human rights. The National Human Rights Council continues to monitor developments and developments to ensure the protection of citizens' rights.

The book is divided as follows:

First, the political and social framework of the Council's activities and its impact on the human rights situation.

Secondly, the phenomena that arose from the social conflicts and the extent of the activities of the Council influenced them.

Thirdly, the Council meets the challenges of the transitional period in practice.

Fourth: examples of the Council's activities in different areas in interaction with the challenges it faced.

Fifth: recommendations to increase the effectiveness of the Board and to increase its sphere of influence.

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