Next Saturday .. the start of the International Festival of singing and spiritual music in the citadel of Salah al-Din

The International Hearing and Spiritual Music Festival takes place on Saturday at the Beer Youssef Theater in Citadel Saladin at 20:30 and will continue until 29 this month.

"The opening of the festival coincides with the International Day of Peace, in which all festival teams take part in the first international workshop led by the artist and founder of the festival, Mr. Nasr Abdel Fattah, in a beautiful artistic dialogue To present a universal theme in which all cultures of the people send a message of peace to the world, emphasizes human communication between people. "

The festival will be attended by Arab and foreign countries from the continents of Asia, Africa and Europe.The celebration of the Forum of Religions will be held at the Religions Complex in Ancient Egypt on September 27 with the participation of most countries in the mass of Kony with the audience.

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