On Tuesday, the President of Cairo University will visit the first day of medical research for new students

Dr. Mohamed Othman Al-Khasht, president of the University of Cairo, visits the student hospital in Giza on Tuesday during a guided tour to inspect the procedures for the medical examination of new students.

The president of Cairo University has announced that the medical research service for new students for the academic year 2018/2019 has been activated on the website of the university, noting that all steps taken by the student during the presentation on the site.

A schedule has been drawn up for all faculties of the university and the medical research starts for the students of the new University of Cairo from Tuesday (August 28).

The president of the University of Cairo has prepared the buildings of the student hospital for parents of students, taking into account the large number of students of the faculties of trade, law and literature and subdivided into groups for medical research according to the alphabet.

He also called for all the comfort of the new students to offer and all possible facilities to offer. He pointed out that a health record will be made for every new student who accompanies him while studying at the university and a team of old students to to receive and guide their new colleagues.

The medical administration of the University of Cairo has published the data of the medical research for the new students who obtained high school in 2017/2018 and who are enrolled at university faculties via the university's coordination office in the new academic year 2018/2019 . The medical examination will begin on Tuesday 28 August for the faculties of medicine and medicine. On 2 September for the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, on 4 September for the College for Archeology and Urban Planning, on 5 September for the Colleges of Agriculture and Nursing, and on 6 September for Justice of the Faculty of Science, and on 8 September for the Colleges of Computing and specific Education and Early Childhood Education.

The medical examination of the Dar Al Uloom College will be completed on 9 September from the letter "A" to "G", from "P" to "J" on 10 September and the medical examination will be carried out for 4 days for the College of Commerce , from the letter "A" to "Y" On September 11 and 12, from "T" to "S" on September 13 and from "K" to "J" on September 15th, the medical examination of the Faculty of Arts for 3 days place the letter "A" in "Y" On September 16, it is the letter "t" "s" on September 17 and from the letter "K" to "J" on September 18.

While the medical examinations of the Faculty of Law were determined over 3 days from the letter A to Y on 19 September, from the letter T to S on 20 September and from K to Y on 22 September and the period from 23 September to 26 of the same month for students who are retarded for medical examination of all colleges.

The medical examination takes place in the student hospital on Gizeh Square. The medical examination takes place from 9.30 am to 11.30 am for students and from 11.30 am to 1.30 pm for students.

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