«Orman»: the distribution of 25 calves over the poor Kafr El Sheikh

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Alaa Najm, director of the Orman site in Kafr El-Sheikh, said that during the Eid 25 adult calves were divided among 25 active civil society organizations that play a role in the care of orphans and care for the needs of poor families through cooperation with the Orman Society.

In a statement on Thursday Najem said that each association brings a letter of social solidarity that it is not forbidden, has political activity or is contrary to the instructions of the governmental centers, after investigating the correctness of matters through joint committees between the Orman and Social Solidarity and the heads of municipal councils Under the direct supervision of General Major Nasr Nasr, governor of Kafr El-Sheikh, Orman also distributed 45 tons of frozen meat in collaboration between the Orman Association and the Fund of Life in Egypt with instructions from the governor.

He said that the association works with complete transparency and rejects the pressure of people with personal passions and demands that contravene the instructions. The Orman, led by Major General Mamdouh Shaaban, works for the poor and the poor and investigates the choice of associations and appropriate cases and has not left an arm or needy home.

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