Parliamentary calls for sanctions on passing vehicles on the ring

Major General Ahmad al-Yahab, member of the Committee for Transport and Communications of the House of Representatives, praised the Council of Ministers' decision to prevent the passage of traffic vehicles on the ring road, from 6 am to midnight , emphasizing that incidents that occur permanently on the ring road by large cars and transport and recklessness limit their drivers.

The "Wood" in statements to "echo the land" that the decision will not affect the transport vehicles, because the traffic is transferred to the regional ring, to reduce the pressure of traffic, noting that many decisions are being made. taken but not firmly executed, demanding To impose strict penalties on the defaulters and apply them to everyone.

The Council of Ministers has decided that from 15 September traffic vehicles will be stopped on the bypass from 6 am to midnight, with traffic being transferred to the regional ring. Mobile networks on the regional ring road.

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