Persecution decides to assign a forensic doctor to examine the bodies of my child Dakahlia

The Faraskour prosecutor in the Damietta government decided to appoint a forensic physician to investigate the bodies of the two abducted children at the Mitt Salsil amusement park in the Dakahlia government, whose bodies were found in Faraskur.

The incident began with Mahmud Na & # 39; a, his two children, Ryan and Mohammed, in a fairground and amusement park in the city. One of the people had distracted him and diverted his attention from his children, claiming to be friendship with him because they were elementary school students. He did not find his two children on the swing.

Eyewitnesses confirmed that they saw a lady with the two children and got a "Tok Tok" vehicle and headed for the village of Saru.

The father of the two children has announced a financial reward of £ 60,000 for those who provide information to help reach their place.

The father of the two children moved and a security force from Dakahlia to the locations of the accident in the center of Faraskur.

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