Persecution recommends the formation of a commission to investigate the violations of the vice president of Wadi Natroun – Egypt

The news The Wadi Al-Natroun case, led by counsel Wael Bakr, ordered the creation of a technical committee of five members of the Office of Experts on Illegal Profits and Government Funds of the Ministry of Justice to transfer the case documents 2002 of 2002 on administrative investigate No. 596 of 2017, Al-Natroun, and the executive director of the industrial zone, for the sale of land from the property of the state to his personal account.
The Director of the Prosecution, Mahmoud Shteh, asked the committee to investigate the complaint in the case and all documents of the case to indicate the validity of the procedures followed in terms of allotment and received transactions, and the resulting rights , and whether they contain irregularities or not, in the light of the complaint And to examine the enclosed documents, and the nature of these "irregularities", and what is responsible, and the responsibility of responsibility and the degree of relevance to the functional conditions, to the complainant in law, "Mr. Vice President of Wadi Al-Natroun.
The Prosecution also asked the committee to establish whether the facts mentioned in the report were related to the falsification of official or customary documents, whether or not they had led to public money damage or to the land of the owner of the state were violated, indicating the value of the damage.
The public prosecutor appointed the five-person committee to determine whether there is a role for the officers in the board of the lake or not, with regard to the actions taken on the subject matter and the degree of violation of the laws and decrees in force in this area, indicating these laws and decisions, their applicability and the effect of violating their provisions, If available, whether any action has been taken in respect of such irregularities, regardless of whether, and in In the second case, the responsible person must take the necessary measures against the offenses.
The Public Prosecution Service has received a report stating that the deputy mayor of Wadi Al-Natroun City has wasted public funds and seized and sold a piece of land from his workplace. The author also accused the president of the Wadi al-Natroun Center and others, including the former property manager, of collusion. Despite the fact that they were aware of the investigation by the Public Prosecution Service (Case No. 2002 or 2017) on this land, which had sold the first accused to the Emir, Prince Bouakim Khalil, with the 1706 / a power of attorney 2014 .
The letter revealed that in June the president of the center issued a decree number 135 for the year 2017, under which the chair of the technical committee for land regulation assigns to his assistant Hamza, who is accused of selling the seven-hectare property is from the state of Deir al-Baramus, In August, and administrative inquiry No. 596 of 2017, by the legal affairs of the province, and ended with the approval of the governor, the reference of the deputy mayor of the city to the prosecution.
He added that, despite the fact that the case was being raised and that the President of the Center addressed the legal affairs of the Government on the occasion of administrative inquiry 596 of 2017, he was aware of the involvement of his deputy in the sale of state property in Deir al-Baramus in Wadi al-Natroun. What the defendant allowed to continue the procedures to own the same piece of land, using his status as deputy chairman of the center and chairman of the committee.

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