Preparation of the field of Sinai Stadium for Eid al – Adha prayer image

Al-Ahram Gate witnessed the preparations and equipment of the legal stadium in the Sinai Stadium for the Eid Al-Adha prayer on Tuesday morning in the presence of Sheikh Ismail Al-Rawi, secretary of the Ministry of Awqaf in South Sinai, Mohamed Fathi Tawfiq, director of youth and sport in South Sinai; Sinai.

Khaled Fouda, governor of South Sinai, and a number of executive and security leaders are scheduled to perform the Eid prayer in the stadium of the stadium.

Sheikh Ismail Al-Rawi, secretary of the Ministry of Awqaf, announced the end of the preparation by the Directorate of a list of important mosques and squares nominated for the Eid Al-Adha Prayer, announcing that there are 54 mosques assigned for the Eid prayer and 17 squares at the level of the cities of the province.

A special program for the distribution of imams and preachers was also prepared in all squares.

Tour Sinai Stadium

Tour Sinai Stadium

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