Raise 150 tons of garbage and solid waste during a clean campaign in Sohag

Dr. Ayman Abdel-Moneim, Governor of Sohag, said that 150 tons of waste and solid waste was removed in a major campaign in the center and the city of Al-Balina, as part of the Governor's plan to intensify cleaning and beautification campaigns and increase the efficiency of streets and fields. From services to citizens.

"A major cleaning campaign has been carried out to increase the accumulations and take them to the public rubbish dump in the western mountain," says Amer Mohammed Awad, head of the local unit of the city center and the city of Al Balina. And increase the efficiency of the streets and follow campaigns and intensify the work of cleanliness and beauty center.

Abdel Moneim emphasized all local units of centers, cities and districts the need to intensify campaigns, clean up and embellish and increase the efficiency of streets and fields and clean up waste and accumulations and preserve the civilized form of the province.

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