Red Sea reveals the scenes of the death of the English tourist and his wife in Hurghada (statement)

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The Red Sea government published a press release about the news of the death of an English tourist and his wife in a hotel in Hurghada in Arabic and English.

According to the statement, as a statement of the fact that the deceased tourist English nationality James Cooper, sixty-nine years old, and died in his hotel room in a hotel in Hurghada at eleven o'clock on Tuesday morning, the twenty-first of August, after the medical examination of the said Immediately he got a sharp drop in blood circulation and a sudden stoppage of the heart muscle. The body was immediately transferred to a refrigerator to save the dead in the Hurghada General Hospital.

The statement indicated that the health inspector had identified the body and the medical report had confirmed that the cause of death was sudden cardiac arrest and respiratory insufficiency, confirming that there was no criminal suspicion of death.

The statement added that Susan Cooper, 64, at 16:00, was transferred to the Al-Aseel hospital with a fainting and 30-minute cardiac recovery. In the meantime, she died at 5:12. The body was immediately transferred to the refrigerator of the Hurghada General Hospital.

"The health inspector inspected the body and confirmed in his medical report that the cause of death is the cessation of blood circulation and respiratory functions and that there is no criminal mistrust." It ordered the Public Prosecution Service to listen to the statements of the daughter and the autopsy and legal take steps and inform the embassy to take action to transfer the organs and end the relevant papers ».

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