Return of the pilgrims of the second trip today

The Minister of Social Solidarity, Ghada Waly, monitors the operation of the air bridge for the return of the Aljajj al-Ahjaja groups from the Holy Land. On Monday, 876 pilgrims arrived on the first pilgrimage of pilgrims from the Governorates of Giza and Damietta.

It is scheduled to arrive today, Tuesday, in the second regrouping of return of Jeddah airport, 730 pilgrims from the provinces of Port Said and Dakahlia and Menoufia, the works will be the air bridge and the operations from the Jeddah airport to Jeddah continue until the tenth of September next, such as tomorrow, Wednesday, the first return flights from Medina.

Ayman Abdul-Muqeem, head of the Hajj mission of the Ministry of Social Solidarity, said that the pilgrims' operations and their departure to Saudi Arabia to the homeland are regularly carried out with facilitating procedures and facilitation for pilgrims, especially sick and elderly. Where coordination took place on the promotion and return of pilgrims to the Egyptian areas to make the necessary arrangements to make the pilgrimage possible.

Abdul Majeed said that the work of Jeddah and Madinah airport commissions has been activated in preparation for the promotion operations with their support of members of the mission and emphasizing facilitating pilgrimage. He pointed out that Hajj Mohammed Mohammed Khater, 68 of the province of the lake, a natural death due to a fall in blood circulation.

The head of mission confirmed the constant reception of proposals and complaints from pilgrims on the number 00966563593425 during their stay in the Holy Land.

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