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(19659003) Ashraf Sobhi, Minister of Sports, presented thirty-two million pounds as the first payment to the Egyptian federations, or as a financial subsidy. And nobody can object to an annual subsidy for the Olympic and non-Olympic associations, especially since it trade unions are without other resources or sponsors that provide enough money for continuity and local and international activities.

But everyone has the right to question the money that has to be spent in preparation for the Tokyo Olympics. "What are the criteria and foundations on which the Ministry and the Olympic Olympic Committee are based to distribute this money to the various federations – to private relationships or in response to personal or media pressure or even the logic of equality and that there is a part of this money? for every Union, I mean when we rely on science in distributing this money like the countries of the world around us the richest and most powerful athlete.

Genes and their mathematical effect on evolution are so high It is difficult to identify the games in which we can excel according to the Egyptian gene and the games in which we will never win a medal, regardless of how much money we spend, training, preparation and planning … The general rule … Egyptians stand do not allow their genes to shine in speed or time games, such as running or swimming .. But they can shine very well in strength sports and endurance. if this is what science tells us .. It does not contradict the occasion with our history Olympic .. We have won through our history And thirty Olympic medals, including thirteen medals in the field of weightlifting, seven medals in wrestling , four medals in boxing, two medals in Judo and Taekwondo, we won no medals in the races or swimming, but we won two medals in diving, which does not depend on the clock. This means that we must pay attention to science and its consequences.

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