Security leaders of Giza receive condolences from the officer Imbaba (photo & # 39; s)

The captain of Imbaba's police station, which was found Sunday morning, was shot dead by his head on the airport road before Munira's western police station.

The condolences were attended by Brigadier General Mohsen Kamel, Imbaba Division Commander, Muqaddam Mohammed Rabee, head of Department Department Investigation, Officers, Secretary and Police Officers of the Imbaba Division, who received condolences from their colleagues in the different departments of the managing board.

A number of MPs from the Embaba district, including MP Ihab al-Khuli, and hundreds of people from the western cities of Munira and Imbaba, also attended the funeral and expressed their sadness at the death of the officer, who exemplified modesty and help to the people of the region. As described.

An informed source revealed the details of the officer's body in his home in the western Munira region.

The source said the officer was a police officer and promoted to a regular officer in the Imbaba police station, he discovered that he was spending his time with his children and his wife in her family's house on the night of the incident, after which he late in the apartment of his eldest son, his wife, when she woke up at about five o'clock in the morning with a message from her husband's phone, sent at half past four, which was: "I beat myself with fire."

The source pointed out that the woman was hastening with her sons to catch up with her husband, and as soon as the apartment arrived until it was found by a bullet in the head, a team from the research department of Imbaba moved under Lieutenant Colonel Muhammad Rabie, head of the detectives, and found the officer's shots on the floor of the room, To kill him, claiming that the victim had a good reputation and was loved by his colleagues and the people in his area, and persecution on the deceased's telephone and his weapon and ordered the autopsy of the body to legally explain the cause of death and the urgency of the report, to find the cause of death, or semi A criminal or not .

The Prosecution also demanded that the officer be summoned for his lawsuit, which was scheduled for Sunday morning at the North Giza Court, on the grounds of beating him for civil registration in Imbaba, number 5959 of 2017, A research team led by Major General Mohamed Abdel Tawab and Colonel Mohamed Irfan, inspector of North Giza investigations, to determine the circumstances of the incident.

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