Security of Dakahlia reach the father of the two children killed after his disappearance … Masrawy

The security of Dakahlia reaches the father of the two children who were killed after his disappearance

7:07 am

Friday, August 24, 2018

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A police force from the police station Mitt Salsil arrested the father of two children, Rayyan and Mahmud, who had been kidnapped on the eve of Eid's first day while sitting at the funeral for a walk with their father. The story of the father "and the claim of one of his knowledge of him and his work until the other members of the gang have rescued the abduction and found some people of Faraskur Damietta, killed in a channel after the abuse in mysterious circumstances

Esmaa refused to mention a security source that a group of interrogation officers from Metsal Salsil, in collaboration with officers of the criminal branch al-Bakht, managed to find the father and seek a hiding place. Maaoud Nadhmi al-Sayyid claimed that after the funeral of the two children had disappeared from home.

The source said that a team of military detectives was working during the current hours to renew the discussion about the father and the reasons for the failure, noting that the next few hours will reveal new details about the incident.

On Wednesday evening the father went to the parquet of Faraskour in the province of Damietta and he confessed the existence of differences between him and an antique dealer. Research led to Mitt Salsil's research in Dakhlaik into the existence of complicated relationships with many people and illegal explosions.

The source, who was not competent to talk to the media, said that the search team called the children of the two children to find information to reach the perpetrators of the incident, but he did not provide any new information, only about the two children who had a stroke immediately after discovering the incident.

Major General Mahmoud Tawfiq, the Minister of the Interior, has a research team headed by the Research Director of the Ministry, Maj. Gen. Mohammad Sharbash, Director of the Criminal Investigation Department, Brigadier General Ahmed Shawqi, Head of Directorate Research and officers of the Criminal Investigation Branch in North Dakahlia in coordination with the public security and police investigation officers. He revealed details of the incident to public opinion.

The incident came when Major General Mohammed Hajji, Assistant Secretary of Homeland Security for Dakahlia, received a notification from Major General Muhammad Sharabash, Director of Criminal Investigation, who sent the Mitt Salsil Police Department of Mahmud Nazmi al-Sayyed to the height of the new sea area of ​​the city. In the region.

The interrogators, led by Major Mohammed Fathi Saleh, the head of the mabahith, moved to the place of communication. The two children were with their father to celebrate the Eid, but the father was surprised by a person who was took arms and claimed that he had attended primary school. His children, while eyewitnesses indicated that they saw the two children accompanied by a female octopus, got the Tok Tok and walked through the path of cypress.

A search team was set up to speed up the arrival of the kidnappers and the two children, but yesterday, at the police station of Faraskur, the two children were found dead in a canal and repaired and the bodies were transferred to the Faraskur hospital.

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