Security reveals the mystery of finding a driver «Tok Tok» drowned in his blood in Assiut

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Research conducted by the AbuTeej Center in Assiut revealed Saturday the ambiguity of finding a driver of a tuk-tuk in the middle of farming, drowning in his blood.

A report was sent to Maj. Gen. Jamal Shukr, director of Assiut's security, who informed the police officer of the Abu Teej police station that Mustafa Mham, a 21-year-old driver of a tuk-tuk, died Dwayneh village was found and Mousha, and his condition is serious and was transferred to Assiut University Hospital.

A research team was formed, where a research plan was drawn up and an investigation was conducted by both Amari Ma & # 39; a & # 39; if & # 39; Ahmed & # 39; AA, who were in the village of Dwayneh.The suspect was arrested because he brought them to the village of Dwayneh.In one of the agricultural areas, White "Mutawih", and suffered serious chest injuries and abdomen was followed by intensive care in the academic hospital, and stole "Tok Tok", and sold.

The defendants were arrested, the necessary minutes were released and the Prosecution took over.

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