See … Confrontation between the Ministry of Environment and MP in the air

On the morning of Sunday, from the program "This Morning" presented by the media Asma Mustafa, on the channel "eXtra News", a confrontation between MP Sherine Farraj, MP, and dr. Mohamed Salah, head of the executive body for environmental affairs, or the Ministry of the Environment, after confirming the Forbes report that Cairo is the most polluted city in the world.

For its part, MP Shirin Farraj stated in a telephone conversation with the media, Asma Mustafa, the reason for her claim to cancel the Environment Minister and send an earlier letter to the government stating that she has always warned about the environmental dossier in Egypt, which states that it has been working on this dossier for years. Need to be aware of the concept of "national security", emphasizing that it is not a strange request, recommended by the Ministry of Planning in early 2018, after looking at the results in previous years and discovering the continuation of the same problem with the "environment".

Faraj pointed out that the Ministry of the Environment is obstructing all ministries to add the environmental dimension to each ministry, and stresses that attempts to reform the environmental dossier have been ineffective in recent years, noting that according to the Cairo report number 2 is in the list of the most polluted cities in the world "This is justifiable," she said, and asked, "What is the Ministry of Environment's step to do? Nothing, not even the government's program, because the ministry does not solution to this crisis. "

She explained that the environmental sector is very important, and it is one of the most important dimensions of importance to President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, but the government does not go into the same context, noting that it demanded a great deal for that stock of interest. to reform, but without result.

For his part, Dr Mohamed Salah, head of the Executive Committee for Environmental Affairs, said that the source of the data in the report is not clearly defined: the issuing of air quality indicators requires monitoring activities throughout the year, not for a short period. It must be done in a method and scientific methodology with reference, and this can only be done through the national network for the monitoring of environmental pollutants of the Ministry of Environment, with the emphasis that it works very efficiently, and the ministry controls all pollutants that at the level of large factories.

Salah added that the ministry has a network that connects the cement factories and the major in the Republic to check each diffraction. He pointed out that the report is not affiliated with the government's air quality monitoring network. He pointed out that the World Health Organization has set limits for air quality. Of the main pollutants, including the particulate matter on which the article was based, without taking into account the remaining five pollutants, pointed out that the citizen is exposed to all these is not contaminated without the other, emphasizing that the report is not completely neutral.

He said that Egypt has the largest project in the Middle East, namely the reduction of industrial pollution, in addition to the full support to prevent the burning of all waste, especially that it has the right to demand what it wants. Agriculture, and opening employment opportunities for young people, emphasizing that the citizen has noticed the decline of the phenomenon of the black cloud in recent years.

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