Shrimp instead of Buri and tilapia in the Qarun lake

For the development and development of the Egyptian lakes and the completion of the plan of the General Fisheries Authority, 5 million shrimp units were placed in the Qaroun lake, said Minister of Agriculture and Land reclamation, Dr. Ezzedine Abuset.

Dr. Mona Mehrez, Deputy Minister of Agriculture for Animal, Fish and Poultry Resources, said that last year the committee had drawn up a plan to change the type of youngsters in Lake Karun into shrimp instead of boris and tilapia, in order to parasitic typhus that caused the death of large numbers of boris and tilapia. Mehrz added that the laying of shrimp broth came after the purification of the lake and in conjunction with the establishment of the safety belt in front of it.

Dr. Ayman Ammar, Head of the General Fisheries Authority, said that this falls within the framework of the Commission's efforts in Qaroun Lake to develop a safe belt and mechanical filters to improve water quality and reduce pollution rates. to work on the return of the lake to the past. «The blessing of Ghalion» Kafr El Sheikh.

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