Sinking a baby in a pond to irrigate farmland in Sohag

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A baby was drowned in a water tank in front of the house that was used to irrigate the farmland in the village Barekhil Al Balina Center south of Sohag.

Major General Hisham al-Shafei, director of Sohag's security department, received a notification from the policeman at the Al-Balina police station. A letter from Hamam Ahmed Mousi Ali, a 34-year-old worker, said that while his son Adam, 1.5 years old, Private waterland land of agriculture, resulting in sinking, and denied criminal suspicion.

The body was taken to the central hospital mortuary and, with the medical examination signed by the health inspector, the cause of death was "siphzia drowning" and there is no criminal suspicion of death.

And supported the investigations of the Criminal Investigation Department and issued the minutes No. 9619 Center of the Center for the year 2018 and the offer to the Public Prosecution Service mentioned the burial of the body.

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