Sisi talks, President of Vietnam activates trade relations

The head of the Congress Party and the President of the Arab Tribal Union stated that the summit and talks between President Fattah al-Sisi and his Vietnamese colleague Tran Dae Quang will be successful and support ways of bilateral cooperation in the field of economy, investment and to develop an exchange of experiences.

The President of the Congress said in a statement that relations between Egypt and Vietnam are historical, especially since it dates back to the sixties, where Egypt was the first Arab country to establish diplomatic relations with Vietnam, as well as the economic and trade relations between the two. Nations.

He added that this visit would have major positive results for the benefit of Egypt and Vietnam in various political and economic areas, in particular the increase in investment between the two countries, in the light of the Vietnamese institutions' praise for the future of the Egyptian economy and the promotion of Vietnamese tourism to Egypt. The most successful countries in attracting international investments.

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