Some fertilizer companies are not obliged to deliver the Ministry's share

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Video: "Agriculture": some fertilizer companies are not obliged to provide the ministry's share of the sunrise portal on Wednesday 19 September 2018.

The failure of some fertilizer companies to reach their production quota of 55 percent in favor of the ministry could lead to higher grain prices, so farmers can buy fertilizers from the black market at high prices, Dr. Hamid Abdel Dayem, spokesman for the Ministry of Agriculture.

"Many private companies are not committed to delivering the Ministry of Agriculture's share," he said in a telephone interview about the program "Here the Capital." He called on investors to meet local needs before exporting, to protect agriculture, the guts of the national economy and the protection of peasantry, despite the importance of exporting hard currency.

He explained that the failure of companies to share the Ministry of Agriculture's share leads to crises in the supply of fertilizers to the market, particularly some Upper Governorates, adding that farmers are buying fertilizers from the black market at high levels. prices, leading to higher input production and thus the increase in crop prices in general.

He said the ministry is working on the work of a new manure map and determines the needs of nitrogen fertilizer crops in different provinces because of the occurrence of variables in the needs of the soil and different crops.

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