Special testimony from the heart of "Mitt Salsil" reveals details about the murder of my child Dakahlia (photo & # 39; s)

I have not been writing about the crimes for years. But this time I write through Hazin to summarize the details of the strangest issue of Egyptian public opinion, not the strangeness itself, it is not the only one of this kind, but the fabricated anger that has arisen around it. Mitt Salsil crime Dakahlia And what is done around it, we explore through the lines that show us beyond that crime, which could occur again if we do not look at what happened as a clock of danger that invites us to the order of our priorities.

A fabricated kidnapping story for reaching bodies A flawed confession reveals human trafficking in antiquities, drugs and women's relationships
I will start with the story of Fr. Mahmud Nazmi al-Sayyid Abdullah, 33, a farmer from the Met Salsil center of Dakahlia province, who initially said that he had his two children, Mohammed, 3, and Ryan, 4, to the theme parks. from the city. He was an old college friend who tried to keep him busy. When he finished talking, he could not find the two children. He shouted and the people gathered around him and said to them, "My children have been kidnapped." Then he went to the police station. Unusually, the men of the Metcalcil Center did not wait 24 hours as required by law, received the communication from the father and formed a team of detectives to search for the two children.
The father himself, the lawyers and the relatives of the Mahmoud family, the interrogators were very sympathetic to the father and devoted their efforts to the rapid examination of the letter and immediately moved to the place of disappearance of the children and distributed photo & # 39; s to all directorates of security in the provinces.
The director of the Metsalis center, brigadier Naji Gad al-Haq, was surprised after an 18-year investigation by the Damietta Security Directorate that two children were found in the river Nile in the district of Faraskour.
The father of the two children was immediately informed and called for the specifications that he had drawn up in the deed with the persons found. The father went to the mortuary at Faraskur Central Hospital and knew the bodies.
The Public Prosecutor of the Faraskour Center in Damietta began with investigations and the appearance of the bodies, and did not result in obvious injuries or traces of suffocation or stabbing.The research suggested that the cause of death was "sinking of the sea" and the two to throw children alive.
The Prosecution ordered the forensic medicine to autopsy the bodies, determine the cause and timing of death, whether it was simultaneously with the timing of their disappearance or a few hours later. The final report of forensic medicine revealed that the death of the two children was by dumping them alive in the Nile waters and stressed that the incident has nothing to do with organ trafficking, because there are no injuries to the bodies of the two children.
The father went to Faraskur to get the burying permit and complete the record, and from here the first thread of the puzzle began.
The prosecutor opened a statement to take the father's statement as the last person to whom the two children participated. He was asked whether he had doubts about a particular person at odds with him or not, in the presence of some lawyers and some people of the city.
The father was in a state of extreme fear. M », and said to him:" Oh Mahmoud .. in the e-Mahabih? Whose minimum? More than your children were killed! Are you going to lose more than this? The agent has every need for the right of the children to return. "Mahmoud begins to tell the following stories.
The father told what he had encountered in the theme park and told the story of his trade in antiquities and the existence of a dispute with an archaeologist in the center of Aga about a pharaoh artefact in the form of a cat obtained from a criminal group that acts in antiquities in Damietta.
The father said he gave the broker 300,000 pounds in the Pharaonic play, while the agreed 800,000 pounds, probably motivated to kill his two children, is revenge.
He then told about his wife's relationships and said that he was at odds with a woman who claimed to be pregnant with him and that he had photographed her with one of his friends in abusive situations and started blackmail between the parties. He then assured the prosecution that he was using drugs of the "estrox" and "tamol". Here the Prosecution ordered the burial of the bodies of the two children and the resignation of the father of the prosecutors for their burial.

Special certificate of heart

A mysterious disappearance and then a bomb worship to kill and represent the crime
At the funeral the people of the country received the father Mahmoud Nazmi in a strange way that until recently no one noticed, we saw from the videos that there was beaten and insulted and save him not from their hands, except his friends, after he fainted.
After the funeral, Mahmoud disappeared and even his family did not come in. The search team in Dakahlia started a new search, but this time about the father of the two children, who disappeared under mysterious circumstances and closed his cell phone. And here the Minister of Home Affairs began to follow the developments of the incident itself.
At dawn on Thursday, the third day of Eid, the detective team found the father of the two children in an area close to the shop in the province of Damietta, so they went to the police station, and in the meantime there was a team of security people that the wires of the case followed and their rings collected and tied together, Everything is clear to them.
After the arrival of the police department of Mahmoud Nazmi, the investigations were initiated by Major General Mohammad Sharabash, director of Criminal Investigation in Dakahlia Governorate, Major Mohamed Fathi, head of the investigation of Mets Salsil and Brig.
The questions continued: where were you? Why did you disappear? "Why did you close your cell phone?" He answered falsely: "I wanted to give my son the same." General Sherbash asked him: "Oh Mahmoud, the incident is from the beginning."
The words of the father, who appeared in a vague position, contradicted his first statements to the public prosecutor of Faraskour. The head of the criminal investigation began to confront him with a few small details. The father realized that everything he feared was revealed and that the investigation team realized that he was the real culprit. "Mahmoud Nazmi, the father of the two children, admitted that he was the one who killed them.
But the father demanded Maj. Fathi Salih and Brigadier General Sayed Khashaba, head of the Criminal Investigation Branch in North Dakahlia, that he was mentally ill and that he had committed the incident because he believed that he had no right to be the father of the two children because of acts that had the reputation of the two children.
"The story to go to the playground was mixed with the young, but the truth was that I was thrown into the water from the top of the Faraskur bridge and claimed to have been kidnapped," said the father.
The father handed over to the Prosecution 32 photo's of a camera he was traveling with his sons from Mittsel to Faraskur Bridge and he called his wife to tell her that the two children had disappeared from the scene.
For the second time, the father of the two children explained to the Prosecution that his sons had killed him because he was afraid of his bad reputation because of his debts and his illegal women's relationships, noting that he inherited from his father an inheritance of about two and a half million pound inherited, and spent more in night nights Magna with women, Hysterian crying in words incomprehensible, such as: "I breathed myself to them .. I breathed my soul together."
At dawn on Friday, prosecutors went to the scene of the crime and took the father to film the murder when it happened.
The father represented the crime as he knew for the Public Prosecutor. He realized that he had taken his first child from his leg and neck and threw him from the top of the bridge into the Nile water, after he had ensured that the place did not pedestrians and cars had more. The second child, who was terrified, said: Ryan, Dad! "

Special certificate of heart

7 years of marriage did not improve the case of Mahmoud Nazmi
The father became a modern Egyptian street at night, which he saw as a bad model for every scattered father, does not know the meaning of fatherhood, and how to know that it is a permanent absence of consciousness and his home and children?
Anyone who contemplates the characteristics of Mahmoud Nazmi will immediately notice the expression of indifference on his face, and those artificial idiots smile from the impact of the drugs of happiness.
As we investigate, we see that Mahmud grew up between two elder brothers and three daughters. As they say, "the brotherhood of his mother," he did not care about his education and walked the path of the miserable youth who is addicted to drugs. and does not work.
And the seven-year marriage improvement did not improve the situation of the father, but it got even worse when he invented a villa called Chalet.
So we stand before a disguised person who does not know the value of fatherhood or the infallibility of marriage, and the whole is nothing more than a gruesome murder, in which the father has surpassed all customs and transcended the human instinct and in a monster has changed. Even the animal keeps his children and takes care of them.
Psychiatry says that the psychological state of the father and the use of all kinds of drugs can influence the state of emotional stress and emotions and can let it suffer the state of darkness of feelings, where the patient's crimes of the psychological under the state of lack to consciousness, which is no different than the case of drug intake.
The execution of the crime and the contradictions of the father's statements and his delay in reporting are proof of the state of panic that occurs after the persecution of the crimes of the soul, in which the patient regains the state of consciousness, and nonetheless insists on denial and refuses to believe the murder, a situation in which the individual deprives one of the most important characteristics of humanity, The instinct of fatherhood or motherhood without realizing the behavior and the results.

Special certificate of heart

A strange attempt to compare him with "Habisha" … and 30 rude brothers to involve the state in the case
It is strange to find someone who sympathizes with this father who is a fatherless father.They say the state makes a "new love" in relation to the series "Ibn Halal" of Mohammed Ramadan, which was broadcast on satellite screens in Ramadan 2012 , in which Ramadan represents the role of the young man who saved a girl from death And bears all attributes of chastity and crime and is then sent by the senior officials to a criminal and the leader of a gang that is an important part of Cairo checks.
After the series shows the sympathy of the audience with the character in that period, because it represents a hero who treats the injustice of the state and its men.
I do not find any agreement between these two: Habisha did not die and went to jail in exchange for a financial deal Mahmud Nazmi is a murderer who is recognized as the oldest to kill innocence in cold blood and is not aware of the burden of drugs.
It is just an ugly incident, but there are people trying to make a spark to stir up incitement. The brothers and their herds tried to ride the situation and pretended they were simple that the incident was fabricated and that the man was the victim of powerful people.
Over the past five days, the time of discovering the truth of the crime has spread to more than thirty rumors, including that Mahmoud attempted to commit suicide to escape the intense pressure and threats he received, out of fear and concern for the lives of his family and brothers and many rumors.
What is important is that the Brotherhood mobilized all their energy and turned their screens to show dozens of demonstrators as a spark of the rage of the people from the interior, and spread in Mitt Salsil demonstrations and crowds, and saw buses loaded with young men and women veiled from villages and neighboring towns, and the dirty money increased in the distribution of the marginalized and simple, But it ended because they could not displace and storm the police station.
But attempts are still being made and the terrorist group is trying to bring life back to its rotten body, so we now have to confront ourselves with various facts that have emerged after that incident. Let's understand it honestly. The impact of visual and audio media in the countryside is very weak and unreliable.
We need to study the size, distribution and composition of the population and the components of horizontal and vertical change in these three elements, such as births, deaths, migration and social change of the individual. Social, cultural and economic.
The Egyptian farmer, whom we knew, has changed a lot, and instead of being a producer of the city, he became a bad consumer, and we lost 58% of milk production as a result of this change, so we have to put the situation on to view the Egyptian countryside well. Egypt 72%, according to official statistics published by the Ministry of the Interior.
Let us make the issue of killing the two children and the subsequent events and the impact of rumors on the countryside as a threat to the media after we have given priority to the selection of members of the House of Representatives. I did not see any role for a member of the Council for that department, although it was necessary to be among the people of death. Salsil understands them And be aware of them and have an audible word in stopping the activity of terrorism.
The Egyptian countryside needs great efforts to bring it back, because it was a product, not a consumer, and a blessing for all the great powers in art, poetry and politics, not falling prey to the ideas of the terrorist group and its tails of the Salafism.

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