Sport, art and sport to receive the governor of the new valley

On Sunday mornings, several popular and official bodies in the New Valley Governorate organized a technical celebration at the entrance of Al-Kharga City to welcome the governor of the New Valley, Major General Mohammed Zamlout, on The weekly flight received by Kharga Airport, after renewed confidence to take the lead for a second term.

The directorates of mass culture, youth, sports and education organized artistic, sporting and sporting shows for the governor's parade to celebrate his arrival in the province today after the renewal of trust.

The leaders of the government, led by the Director Youth, Sport and Education and Heads of Centers and District Directors and Eid from the sons of the new Valley, the governor of the province, received for Al Kharga Industrial Secondary School, after his arrival in the city of Kharga accompanied by the governor of the province.

The governor of the New Valley went directly to the head office to begin his work in the government to lead the executive council of the province at 11:30 in the conference room. great In the General Diwan in Al Kharga, to discuss the development plans in the new budget for the financial year.

Major General Mohamed Zamlout assumed the post of governor of the New Valley on February 16, 2017 and will replace Maj. Mahmoud Ashmawy, the former governor of Qalyoubia. The president renewed his confidence on August 31, 2018 as governor of the New Valley for a second term.

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