Story traces behind the murder of "my child Dakahlia"

The father of Mohammed and Rayyan, who were found dead in a canal in Faraskur, Damietta, made a new statement for the Salsil prosecutor. A dispute was found with an illegal trader in the Aga Center about an artifact "pharaonic cat"

The two children were kidnapped on the evening of the first day of the party, while they were walking in the theme parks with their father, through a new trick, followed by the kidnappers, claiming that one of them knew the father until the other members of the gang carried out the abduction and were found by a number of Faraskur people in Damietta.

The father of the two children said that he gave the broker a sum of 300 thousand pounds as a commission on the Pharaonic and the agreed amount of 800 thousand pounds, emphasizing that what happened to the children was a retaliation.

The incident occurred when Maj. Gen. Mohammed Hajji, Assistant Secretary of Homeland Security Affairs, received a notification from Major General Muhammad Sharabash, Director of the Criminal Investigation Department, who received the Mitt Salsil Police Station from Mahmud Nazmi. Sayyid and the resident of the new sea area of ​​the city informed. In the region.

The interrogators, under the direction of Major Mohammed Fathi Saleh, the head of the mabahith, moved to the place of communication. The two children were with their father to celebrate the Eid, but the father was surprised by someone who brought him to the poor. took. Najila, witnesses said they saw the two children accompanied by a female squid, independently Tok Tok, and walked them through the path of cypress.

A search team was set up to give the kidnappers and the two children quick access, but yesterday the two children were found dead in the ravine of Faraskur and recovered and the bodies were transferred to the Faraskur hospital.

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