Termite couples fall into houses of dams in Luxor

The termites, known as "al-Qarada", attacked the houses of the village of Al-Madamud Qabli, located in the center of al-Ziniyya, north of Luxor, and occupied about 50% of the houses.

Abdul Mohsin Rabee, head of the Zineya City Council, said that a commission was formed in coordination with the Directorate of Agriculture to inspect 4 houses of the people in the village of Madamud tribe, whose owners complained about the occurrence of termites.

As a result of the inspection of the house, it was confirmed that it was contaminated with termites. The injury caused the corrosion of parts of the doors, windows and wheels.

Rabee explained that as soon as the citizens complained and according to the guidelines of Mohamed Badr, governor of Luxor, the committee was formed to intervene quickly and not allow the spread of the contamination to neighboring houses, and would be interceded by the committee. as soon as there is a case of injury to one of the houses of the people in all villages belonging to the city of Zineya


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