The arrest of an employee accused of owning 621 coins of ancient Greek origin in the east

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Dhirab Najem, under the supervision of lawyer Haytham Nassar, Attorney General of the Southeastern Prosecutor, decided Monday to hold a 4-day employee for questioning the possession of 621 coins dating back to the Greek and Byzantine era .

Major General Abdullah Khalifa, Assistant Minister of Internal Affairs for Eastern Security, received a notice from Maj. Gen. Mohamed Wali, Director of the Criminal Investigation Department, providing information to police officials on tourism and archeology with the possession of "Mohammed. . »35-year-old worker and resident of the village of Iraq in the circle of the center of Derb Najm archaeological artefacts.

Under the supervision of Major General Najah Zaki, Director of Tourism and Antiquities, Major General Mohamed Ghoul, Director of the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, in coordination with the officers of Dirb Najm, led by Major Abdel Moneim Alaa, head of the investigation. Coin for antiques dating back to Greek and Byzantine times.

The necessary report was released and the seizures were held at the disposal of the public prosecutor

Al-Khobar (imprisonment of an employee accused of possessing 621 antiques coins dating back to the Greco-Roman era)
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