The attempt to dump the country with smuggled cosmetics to break down

Security forces managed to thwart an attempt to smuggle cosmetics worth more than 10 million pounds in the country through the port of Damietta.

The information and investigations of the police police of Damietta confirmed the intention of one of the import and export companies of his owner, "Abdulsalam MAA", established on the board of Qalyoubia, to send a message (accessories for women, gifts & hardware) in a container from one of the other countries. Payment of customs duties due.

After the procedures were legalized, a Customs Security Committee was formed for the inventory and inspection covered by the letter, resulting in the confiscation of 154,000 and 36 cosmetics items that were not documented in violation of the law.

The value and customs duties were estimated at 10 million 180 thousand 240 pounds. The necessary legal steps have been taken.

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