The body of a decomposed child was found next to his grandmother's house in Tukh

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Al-Qalioubia Investigation intensifies its efforts to discover the mystery of the discovery of the body of a three-and-a-half-year-old child in the event of a dissolution of an agricultural parcel next to his grandmother's house in the village Qirqshandh in the center of Touk.

The body was held in the mortuary at Tukh's central hospital, a report of the incident was released and efforts were intensified to arrest the perpetrators.

Brigadier Fawzi Abed Rabbo, the director of the police station of Tukh, received a complaint from the residents to find the corpse of a child named Mustafa Omar Salah, 3 and a half years old, dead and his body dumped behind the house of his grandmother in the village Karkashandh.

Major General Reda Tablia, director of Qaliubiya, was informed. Maj. Gen. Alaa Farooq, research director and lieutenant colonel Ahmad Samy, head of the Center's investigation, informed the body that it was in a state of disintegration. The investigation revealed that the child was absent three days ago in the home. from his grandmother. This month.

The investigation revealed that the child lived with his father in the village of Kafr Mansour and that one week ago he attended his mother to visit his grandmother in the village "Karkshandh" and was absent for 3 days and his body was next to the house today, and the prosecutor investigated.

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