The church organizes 20 workshops at the World Youth Forum in Alexandria

The Shipyard Center for Creativity of the Church of Our Lady and Saint Joseph Al-Najjar in Smouha, Alexandria, organized 20 creative artistic workshops in the activities of the first day of the World Youth Forum, which is currently held for a week at the Pontiac Logus Center in Wadi Al-Natroun.

Young people were given the opportunity to choose the workshop they would like to participate in, depending on their preferences and talents.

The first day of the World Youth Forum was marked by the participation of a large number of women. Magda Jubran, known as "Mama Maji" and non Tamaf Anastasia, met with the young people who participated in the forum.

Mama Maggie spoke about the community service and its importance, referring to the model presented by Christ who toured and did well.

Tamafas spoke about her journey to obtain her doctorate at the Institute for Coptic Studies and what she gained from her personal and spiritual level.

His Holiness Pope Twadros II opened the first international forum of Coptic Orthodox Youth last night and participated in his activities, which lasted a week, a number of church fathers.

The "Return to the Roots" conference is the first meeting of Coptic youth from all over the world. The program, in addition to the spiritual side, includes cultural and touristic aspects of the landmark landmarks of Egypt.

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