The confiscation of large amounts of alcohol causes blindness in a factory without a permit in Badr city

The security services in Cairo succeeded in attracting huge quantities of alcohol that cause blindness in a factory without a permit in Badr City.

According to the information provided to the officials of the Supply and Trade Police department, KK, 24, who is responsible for a brewery in Badr's police station, runs a factory for producing locally produced spirits without a permit using unknown and unsuitable materials for human use, such as "Commercial and international trademarks attributed to the Ministry of Finance," Sales Tax Authority ", with the intention of divesting them by selling them for the purpose of making illegal profits.

The investigation showed that the information was correct by coordinating it with the delivery inspectors at the management, which resulted in the confiscation and found 13,000 brand bottles (Nada, Black Label, Gumkar, Vodka, Polanaki, Highlander) Drums at the factory. 6000 liters of sprito, white and dark, 240 liters of industrial colors, 50 kilo of flavoring, all of which are anonymous and unfit for human consumption, 1,000,000 self-adhesive stickers for different wines, 30000 bottles of empty wines,300,000 bottles of wine bottles, 10,440 special stickers for the Ministry of Finance, Bendoral Tax Collection 5, press machine, adhesive, date stamping, 5 wood, stainless steel, 2 boilers with water, Sparto to mix the wines used in bottling and packaging from liquor bottles.

Faced with him, he admitted that he had run the factory without a permit for the owner of the factory and the possession of the seizures to produce the drink and market it for illegal profits.

The necessary minutes have been released and the investigation has been carried out by the Public Prosecution Service.

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