The deputy of Suez resigns from the parliament and the reason why two children are drowned in a sewer sink

  The deputy of Suez resigns from Parliament and the reason why two children sank in a sewer sink
The two children in the Suez Suez Canal resign from the deputy of Suez to sink into a sink without sanitation

] Deputy Talaat Khalil, And the reasons for his resignation, he said he can not hold local officials in the province of negligence, which led to such a terrible incident, noting that the case has become very dangerous and the state Om for Egyptian facilities to ensure

Deputy Suez: sewage company filled with corruption

Talaat Khalil, a retired Suez deputy, said: "This is a serious warning to all officials who are primarily responsible for the lives of the Egyptians, either on local level within the Suez government or at the level of the Egyptian government. "I can not justify the officials and I can not return the right of the two children who have been wasted, and we ask that questions and questions be placed in the drawers and that urgent information is placed in the boxes. Loading and questioning are also good tools "Parliamentarian does not make me justice for the two children who died in a sewer sink."

MP Talaat Khalil said: "I want to get a message that the holding for drinking water and sanitation at the level of the republic followed by 25 subsidiaries this company is bad and the worst is because the company Without the possibilities and skills, but 70 % of them have administrative employment and 30% technical employment, although the opposite must be, and was warned for and did not respond in response to the fact that the wells were not covered and incidents took place and this is very dangerous in Egypt 19659006] Talat Khalil, a member of the House of Representatives, has confirmed that he feels the responsibility so much that "I do not despise the House of Representatives, but in reality I will not be able to restore their right to parliamentary instruments. I have said on more than one occasion that public utilities can not be run by companies. Do not do the natural duty of citizens on a daily basis and increase the anger of people every day. "

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