The first photo's of two children thrown by their mothers at the sea in El Minya

Ezbet Sheikh Issa from the village Saft al-Khemar in the Minya government witnessed an unfortunate incident in which Umm threw her birds into the sea.

Vito obtained the photo's of two children, Mohammed R, 5, and Hani, six months old, who met their mother on the El-Yousfi beach in the Sheikh Issa neighborhood of Saft al-Khemar in Minya because of family disputes with her husband.

She had thrown her mother into the sea today to avenge her husband who refused to visit her family.

The incident began with Majdi Amer, Assistant Minister of Home Affairs for Minya Security, who received a notification from Majdi Salem, director of the Criminal Investigation Department at the management, stating that a woman named Shaimaa S., 24,), and "Hani" (6 months), in the channel of the navy for the Sheikh Issa estate of the village Saft al-Khimar.

Colonel Ahmed Salah, Inspector of the investigation at the Minya Center, and Major Ahmed Yusri, head of the research department, investigated the location of the incident, where the first child was rescued before he drowned. The rescue troops took the dead body back from his brother.

According to the first investigations, there is a family dispute between a housewife and her husband, Rajab-Z, 33, who is always suspicious of his ill treatment and refuses to visit her family.

The body of Mohammed Dahi, the eldest child, was placed in the morgue of the Minya General Hospital at the disposal of the prosecutor, who started the investigation under the supervision of adviser Ahmad Al-Foli, the first attorney general of the southern district resident.

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